Tiles, pavers, retaining walls and bullnose.
Concrete gives a more modern look to your home and with an almost endless choice of colours and sizes, your choices are greater.

Pavers and bullnose.
Clay products offer a more uniformity in colouration that blends naturally with both modern and heritage homes. It does all this while still creating a stylish and unique feel for your home.

Pavers, tiles, retaining walls, bullnose, walling & fascia and stackstone. Naturals compliment our Australian climate and culture. Their colours offer both warmth and stylish while their composition has the advantage of staying cool in heat of summer.

Is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs. It has a fibrous and concentric appearance and occurs naturally in different colours. Travertine has been used in construction since the roman times and today is one of the most frequently used stones in modern architecture. Travertine’s earthy tones blends easily with any décor.

Is a sedimentary rock composed largely of minerals calcite and aragonite. (Calcium Carbonate CaCO3). From the Great Pyramid to many Medieval churches to modern day buildings limestone is a versatile and robust material ideal for your home.

This is a term given to a number of serial stones, not one specifically.  Including: feldspar, granite, slate and basalt. Bluestone is valued for its decorative appearance.

An igneous rock, with a medium to coarse-grained texture. Ranging from pink to grey in colour dependant on chemical composition. Used in antiquity by the Egyptians in Menkaure’s pyramid and for flooring tiles in many commercial buildings and monuments in present day.

Is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand sized minerals or rock grains. It exists naturally in a huge variety of colours and grain patterns and as such is a very versatile material.

A unique product that adds a dimension of warmth and grandeur to compliment your home and design.

A result of metamorphism of sandstone under heat and pressure, it usually white to grey with variations of pink/red depending on iron oxide content. A very decorative stone used in flooring and on walls.

It is made up of recrystallised carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite.In antiquity its uses were in the arts including sculpture and Grecian columns for example. It occurs naturally in a variety of colours and is a very durable and majestic material that adds a certain flair to any project.

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Please note: Colours viewed in our photos are examples only, varying in ages and may not be the true representation of the actual product colour received. Colours vary from batch to batch and weather over time.
Wastage: A percentage is added to order quantities to allow for breakages or miscalculations.


White powdery substance that occurs naturally on cement based products, but can also occur in other products. Note: If choosing to seal your pavers and you do notice efflorescence then it is recommended by Paving Central that if you either contact us or seek the advice of a professional landscaper before sealing.

Colour variations & Photos Displayed

Please note colour variations are normal in products in particular with natural stone and all images on this site represent the general appearance that may be found in any product.

All photos displayed on this website are done so with permission to Paving Central or a third party (i.e. the landscaper).