About us

About us at Paving Central

At Paving Central we have over 8 years experience in the paving industry both in retail and trade. Manager Brad’s expertise also extends to landscape supplies and nurseries. Our knowledge combined with our holistic view of home design has led us to source stylish, versatile and quality products that will enhance any home.

We are a proud Australian owned family business.

Paving Central is not affiliated with any other paving supplier and we are able to source a variety of products both local and abroad.

If there is a product not listed on our site, please contact us and we will endeavour to accommodate your request.

Our mission is to supply quality products at the lowest possible price, direct to the customer, worry free.


Landscapers & Tradespeople

Paving Central provides Landscapers & Tradespeople products at trade prices along with access to all your landscape needs via:
Andrews Landscape Supplies


Please note: Colours viewed in our photos are examples only, varying in ages and may not be the true representation of the actual product colour received. Colours vary from batch to batch and weather over time.
Wastage: A percentage is added to order quantities to allow for breakages or miscalculations.


White powdery substance that occurs naturally on cement based products, but can also occur in other products. Note: If choosing to seal your pavers and you do notice efflorescence then it is recommended by Paving Central that if you either contact us or seek the advice of a professional landscaper before sealing.

Colour variations & Photos Displayed

Please note colour variations are normal in products in particular with natural stone and all images on this site represent the general appearance that may be found in any product.

All photos displayed on this website are done so with permission to Paving Central or a third party (i.e. the landscaper).